Rep. Thielen on Taxes and the Economy

High prices and increased taxes are hurting our residents, escalating property taxes being a prime example. Hawai`i is among the most heavily taxed communities in the nation, and therefore I have co-sponsored legislation to alleviate the tax burden on our working families and retirees. The general excise tax on food and over-the-counter health care supplies should be eliminated. We are building support in the Legislature for this tax relief.

2016 Legislative Report

Each year  we send constituents in the 50th House District a Legislative Report with important highlights of the past session. The 2016 Legislative Report can be found here: 61126_Thielen_LegRept_Final_Web lr ... (more) Continue Reading

Our State needs to learn from Berlin

Published June 6, 2016 CIVIL BEAT COMMUNITY VOICE Protect Hawaii Residents, Veto Airbnb Bill A city where affordable housing is scarce and rentals are widespread offers Hawaii a lesson in properly regulating Airbnb and similar services. By Rep. Cynthia Thielen (Kailua-Kaneohe Bay) ... (more) Continue Reading

Historic industrial hemp legislation passes, opens doors to local farmers

Honolulu – Today the Hawai‘i State Legislature passed the "Industrial Hemp Bill," which establishes an agricultural hemp program that for the first time in Hawai‘i's history, allows the crop's cultivation and the distribution of its seed by multiple licensed local farmers. Senate Bill 2659 passed ... (more) Continue Reading

This is it: proposed legislation to solve our homeless, affordable-living crises

By Rep. Cynthia Thielen (Kailua-Kaneohe Bay) It's official: In 2016, homelessness ranks as the No. 1 issue facing Hawai‘i state government, said global research firm OmniTrak in its January report, "The People's Pulse." The pervasive problem has long since blurred the former stereotypical ... (more) Continue Reading

In MidWeek: Benefits of Hawaiian Hemp

  Industrial hemp research project principal investigator Harry Ako, PhD and long time industrial hemp proponent Rep. Cynthia Thielen with a hempcrete sample and a book. Behind them are hemp stalks. NW PhotoBy Tannya Joaquin Hemp seeds, hemp oil, hemp granola — the hemp hype is ... (more) Continue Reading

2015 Legislative Report

Click here for Rep. Thielen's end of session annual 2015 Legislative Report! ... (more) Continue Reading

Historic Hemp Bill Signed in Hawaii

History was made in Hawaii on April 30, 2014 when Governor Abercrombie signed into law Act 56, which provides for the University of Hawai’i at Manoa to conduct an industrial hemp research project. With over 25,000 uses, this non-hallucinogenic agricultural crop can be used to for everything from ... (more) Continue Reading