Rep. Thielen on the Environment

The environment is what we leave for our children. How we treat it, what we take from it, what we leave – that is our legacy to our children.When we destroy the environment, that destruction is then passed on to our children, and their children, and their children. I think living in Hawaii makes this even more clear. We have been given such a beautiful land by those that came before us. And when we destroy the land in places, it creates such an ugly scar. But the problem, and the required solutions, are worldwide. We have the solutions available to us: Clean, renewable energy, tapping our nation's abundance of wind, solar, and ocean resources. I believe in American ingenuity. We can change American's energy policy and create a cleaner environment and a safer world.

The Azura Has Arrived: An Advancement for Hawaiian Renewable Energy

Walking along our Windward beaches, I never cease to be amazed by the unbridled power of our tides and waves.   As most of you know, I have long been an enthusiastic supporter of energy produced by our oceans, and am thrilled that the next chapter for wave energy is now opening up in ... (more) Continue Reading

2015 the Year of Hope for Hemp

Last week, a constituent shared with me a very special February 1938 issue of Popular Mechanics. Inside the tan pages and tattered edges, along with other articles on the cutting edge technologies of its time, is an article on Hemp, the New Billion Dollar Crop. With new technologies, it was highly ... (more) Continue Reading

Storage is Key to Hawaii’s Energy Independence

The Energy Storage North America (ESNA) Expo and Conference in San Jose was the largest gathering of energy storage leaders, government officials and utilities addressing grid-connected energy storage. I was one of the invited keynote panelists, along with PUC Commissioner Lorraine Akiba, Hawaiian ... (more) Continue Reading

HECO’s outdated business model slows Hawaii’s move to clean energy

(The following Guest Editorial by Rep. Thielen appeared in  Pacific Business News in April, 2014) Hawaiian Electric Company is a speed bump on Hawaii’s road to powering with 100 percent green energy by 2050. In September 2013, HECO put on the brakes by implementing a new solar integration policy ... (more) Continue Reading

Be Prepared for Sea Level Rise!

Sea level rise and climate change is not a disaster movie in the making, but a real life calamity playing out in dozens of island states around the world. No longer can we theorize “what if”.  Our challenge today is “how do we prepare”? We need a plan, a plan which is practical, possible and ... (more) Continue Reading

Saving the Sand Dunes

Rep. Thielen drafted and cosponsored House Bill 1537 which would require the Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) to administer a permit program for grading and grubbing within shoreline areas of the state with established penalties for offenders. House Bill 1537 directly addresses the ... (more) Continue Reading

Investigating the Matson Molasses Spill

The molasses spill in Honolulu Harbor and Keehi Lagoon was a terrible tragedy which could have been prevented.  I have received over 1400 emails regarding the spill, and we will be addressing this at the Legislature as soon as we receive more information regarding the Federal investigation being ... (more) Continue Reading