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U.S. Military Movie Promotes Hemp!

"Hemp for Victory" urges farmers to grow industrial hemp. After nearly 30 years of fighting to try & help the majority -- & not just a select few -- of Hawaii's farmers statewide, this 2019 Legislative session heads to Conference Committee with SB1353, which includes Rep Thielen's pro-farmer-focused ... (more) Continue Reading

Thielen’s Bill Repeals Legal Time Limits for All Child Sex-abuse Survivors

The Hawaii House and Senate are also voting on separate proposals to eliminate the statute of limitations for child sex abuse claims. Click below to read more. ... (more) Continue Reading

Telling It From the Front Line: How HI’s Medical Cannabis Law Fails Patients   ... (more) Continue Reading

Safety First: Protection for Condo-dwellers

... (more) Continue Reading

Why?!!? Hand-delivered to Gov Ige, Fighting for All Farmers

This hand-delivered letter to Gov Ige strongly advocated for all of HI's farmers & quickly became one of our most far-reaching social-media posts: "Your constituents, Hawaii's farmers, agricultural investors, manufacturers & I want to know WHY?" ...Let's get growing!! Gov's office: ... (more) Continue Reading

HI Dept. of Ag is negligent for failure to act on major developments ... (more) Continue Reading

Rep rails against the rail: “Bring that sucker down to Middle Street!”

A planned news conference with tourism leaders falls apart as state lawmakers fail to agree on how to fund Honolulu's $8 billion train. ... (more) Continue Reading