TV Show Debut Opens with Rep Thielen / Hemp

TV debut: I was privileged to open "The Wonder Plant" episode for Hawaii's newest show. Let's all promote industrial hemp including this Friday, which is our annual Hemp Aloha Friday. Wear hemp &/or natural clothing! Click to Watch ... (more) Continue Reading

Rep rails against the rail: “Bring that sucker down to Middle Street!”

A planned news conference with tourism leaders falls apart as state lawmakers fail to agree on how to fund Honolulu's $8 billion train. ... (more) Continue Reading

Rep. Thielen’s Comments on Kawainui-Hamakua Master Plan

For many years there has been much discussion on what to do with the Kawainui-Hamakua Marsh.  Information on the just-released draft plan, and how to submit comments (before Oct. 24, 2016) can be found here.  Rep. Thielen has also offered comments and suggestions to be considered before any plans ... (more) Continue Reading

Patients Caught In The Crossfire Of HMSA’s ‘War On Doctors’

A new payment system for doctors rewards physicians for healthier patients who require less care. That doesn’t bode well for patients who require complicated, expensive care. April 26, 2016  By Representative Cynthia Thielen (Kailua,Kaneohe Bay) ... (more) Continue Reading

Talking story in our District

... (more) Continue Reading

Happening in our schools

  ... (more) Continue Reading

This is it: proposed legislation to solve our homeless, affordable-living crises

By Rep. Cynthia Thielen (Kailua-Kaneohe Bay) It's official: In 2016, homelessness ranks as the No. 1 issue facing Hawai‘i state government, said global research firm OmniTrak in its January report, "The People's Pulse." The pervasive problem has long since blurred the former stereotypical ... (more) Continue Reading